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Commercial Telemarketing Will Boost Your Sales and Feed Your Sales Pipeline

Commercial telemarketing is critical.

Allows you to locate new B2B prospects, conduct new sales appointments, educate prospects, and increase your revenues.

Telemarketing Worldwide has been providing B2B Commercial appointment setting services for 15+ years. Our programs help businesses increase their sales pipeline with new qualified business opportunities All businesses need some type of marketing campaigns to grow and Telemarketing Worldwide will do that for you!

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Lead Nurturing creates a   continuous flow of new qualified leads and interested prospects.
The definition of commercial telemarketing is the marketing of goods or services by means of telephone calls, typically unsolicited, to potential customers. The end goal of a telemarketing campaign is to generate new sales leads, set qualified sales appointments, or open new doors and opportunities for you. Obtaining qualified sales leads is the key to increasing your customer base and brand awareness.

A successful marketing campaign ensures that you have a continuous flow of new qualified leads and interested prospects. Telemarketing leads will be converted into sales over time with strong sales efforts. A strong telemarketing program will lead to sales and long term clients for current and future business.


Inside sales and program success factorsTo evaluate the effectiveness of an telemarketing program, we look at the following factors:

Tone and scripting – We want to provide your prospects with the right message that will pique their interest and produce results. Brevity and conciseness are key.

Call teamOur team is highly qualified. B2B inside sales experience takes a unique individual with the right skill set and experience. The right marketing team is essential.

Client feedback –Your feedback will allow us to provide continuous program improvement as we strive to meet your sales goals. Your feedback is important.

Call list –We want to know what demographics are most likely to produce real results. The right prospect list is vital.


Telemarketing Worldwide has a seasoned team of well educated marketers with an average age of 45 years old and 22 years of business experience.

Our team is able to set appointments for complex products and services due to their high experience level.

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